White Linen Tablecloths

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90 Inch Round

The 90 inch round is by far the most popular white linen tablecloth sold online today.

120 Inch Round

The 120 inch round is the second most popular white linen tablecloth purchased by home and business users.

Wholesale White Linen Tablecloths

White Tablecloths
Buy white linen tablecloths at cheap wholesale prices, all white linen table cloths are 100% seamless (no panels), stain resistant and wrinkle free, easy care, colorfast and premium quality.

These linen tablecloths are heavy-weight hotel and restaurant quality and are perfect for all kinds of events such as weddings, receptions, banquets, dinners, parties, restaurants, and more.

Any decor especially wedding will be incomplete without proper furniture covers. Table linens are an essential part of formal or informal ceremonies. Either a round or a long table decoration, for a simple or an extravagant celebration.

You will never want your interior to look dull. Table linens are meant to hide your furniture in a manner that it looks presentable. The cloth adds color to the surrounding and enhances the overall effect of the room. Always remember, table covers are within inches from your guest's eye throughout the entire event.

For some people the experience of dining upon a table covered with a brilliant white linen tablecloth and crisply folded white napkins and fine china, sparkling crystal glasses, and beautiful silverware is an experience filled with elegance.

Candles or fresh flowers, and gourmet food add the perfect touch to a romantic setting. Sometimes a blissfully romantic meal can be achieved with only a wicker basket with bread, a bottle of your favorite vintage chardonnay, and a wedge of french cheese along with crystal glassware, white china dinnerware, and silverware wrapped in white linen napkins.

In years past, linen table cloths were used to create a festive look on old tables that were set up for large banquets and feasts. In those times long ago, table cutlery was primitive and banquet guests would use the draped edge of the cheap table cloths to wipe their mouths and hands. Table linens, also known in some circles as napery, are a category of home linens which include tablecloths, table runners, place mats, napkins and napkin rings. Linen table runners were used to cover the serving platters at each side of the room.

Around the early 19th century, Stylish dining tables and sideboards became fashionable and large table napkins were introduced for wiping one's hands and mouth while dining. Dining rooms became a common feature in many homes and sideboard runners and dining tablecloths were usually made of white damask linen. In wealthier homes linen placemats were placed on top of the tablecloth to designate the head of the house or a special dinner guest.

Currently, contemporary white table linens are made from easy care polyester, spun-poly, and linen/cotton blends as well as pure linen. They are available in a many vibrant colors and styles, sometimes with fine embroidery. You can use our black tablecloths or vibrant line of 27 solid color tablecloths with coordinating napkins are used to compliment dining room decor with the most popular being the white 90 inch round tablecloth Table runners are most often placed down the middle of a dining room table as a decorative feature, and are still used today to protect sideboards. Place mats on bare tables are common, and are used more often than tablecloths as they are easier to clean and replace if damaged. Sometimes place mats are put on top of a tablecloth for decorative decor purposes, get your discount table linens today, shop online and qualify for free shipping.